2020 News

This website is being updated with priorities TBA

2019 News

Dec 01, 2019 Update:

As we wrap up 2019 and prepare for 2020, I’ll be preparing a fuller report.

These are our current planned priorities for 2020. Further details will be provided, contact Bob Carullo, SMART Executive Director as needed:

Current 2020 Priority Issues; Supported by Collaborative Events & Programs/Projects:  

                – Joint Group Programs

                                — American Industrial Hemp Revolution

                                — Drive Across America

                                — International Free Trade Zones (Dubai Model) & MOUs

                – STEM Educ/Workforce Development

                – Veterans Unfunded Health Care

                – Women In S&T (Gov’t & Private) 

                – HLS/Cyber Security

                – Opioid Crisis

                – Transportation/Infrastructure

                – Energy/Environment

                – Gov’t Acquisition Reform (OTAs)

Others:  SMART is a dynamic initiative with a measure of collaborative activity in all 15 Focus Groups and 4 Special Committees.

                – Winter & Summer Capitol Hill Forums address changing priorities.


Here are the SMART PROC GOVCON welcome slides that summarize the range and depth of the event series participation, past highlights, and our 2020 planning. SMART-PROC 2019 PowerPoint

The full event briefings will be loaded into the website in the near term.