2019 News

Jan 25, Rome, Italy. 

Raffaele Cimina, who has worked with SMART for over ten years as a colleague of the Hon. Amato Berardi, Member of the Italian Parliament, (2008-2013) North American Seat is our International Group’s Country Director/Italy. Raffaele can be reached in Rome at phone +39-392-603-5741 and via George Kearns, SMART board of Director’s International liaison States, “We have been working with the Hon. Amato Berardi and Raffaele Cimina for over ten years and look forward to a productive 2019 with both for the mutual benefits of Italy and the Mid-Atlantic Region.”



Apr TBD, New York City; United Nations / Mid-Atlantic S&T Forum, “Mid-Atlantic Solutions for Global Needs”

                        – March TBD, Washington DC; Prelim Briefs for Above

Apr/May TBD, Washington DC; 20th Anniversary of the SMART Congressional Initiative

            Fall TBD, Frederick MD; 17th Annual SMART PROC GovCon


            MAJOR PROJECTS:

       Curacao-Multi Commodities Centre (C-MCC) and Multi Commodities Centres Worldwide

Drive Across America, “Supporting Unfunded Veterans Health Care”     


Congressional Delegation/Staff Updates 


            Further News Summaries of our Groups

At the top of the list for an exciting 2019 are these events in the planning stages followed by a continuation of 2018 projects, major events, and activities. For further information, contact Bob Carullo, SMART Executive Director, at  or 609-304-2904.


Apr TBD, NYC; UN / Mid-Atlantic S&T Forum, “Mid-Atlantic Solutions for Global Needs”

The UN Infectious Diseases Committee has requested a forum to brief “Mid-Atlantic Solutions for Global Needs”. SMART has joined in partnership with the Dairamontcy of Africa (DoA), the collective tribal boundaries of 14 Countries and 3 Principalities of West Africa, and the Congressional Black Caucus to satisfy this request. The DoA, a Member of the UN Committee, leads the partnership and is chairing the event. SMART BoD Chairman Phil Jaurigue, is the deputy chair and SMART is providing the administrative support to conduct the event with the strategic direction of the chair and deputy chair. The partnership hopes to make this an annual event with supporting working sessions in the Mid-Atlantic before and after each Forum at UN HQ in NYC.

Further, we have been requested to conduct a pre-brief in Washington at the White House and on Capitol Hill in March TBD. To support these NYC & DC key events, steering sessions are being held in DE, MD, NJ & PA to ensure each state will leverage the International Trade opportunities.

To close out this summary, I’m happy to report and give credit where credit is due, that we have this opportunity as a result of our successful Capitol Hill Reception Honoring the Centenary of Nelson Mandela’s Birth. Senator Coons enabled this event by co-hosting; without that action, we would not have had this UN opportunity.

Apr/May TBD, Wash DC; 20th Anniversary of the SMART Congressional Initiative

            Planning has started for a Capitol Hill Reception this spring to recognize the highlights of 20 years of SMART addressing issues, conducting events and facilitating project execution. We expect firmer details by the end of January.

Fall TBD, Frederick MD; 17th Annual SMART PROC GovCon

            Debbie Burrell, SMART BoD, will continue chairing this series, our most successful, sustained series. The Nov 2018 successes included the series’ second year as a one & half-day conference with 1,000+ participants. This year we expect several prelim working sessions throughout the region to expand the regional range and depth and further integrate with other SMART activities.


Curacao-Multi Commodities Centre (C-MCC) and Multi Commodities Centres Worldwide

Last year’s top program continues to lead SMART’s projects by not only continuing successes towards the standup of the C-MCC, but also by using the C-MCC model to create others in interested regions of the world. Further status will be posted by Chairman George Kearns, the SMART BoD Executive Committee member for PA and also the past chair of the International Group and founding chair of the Economic Development Group. George is also currently the Board Liaison for the International Group, one of our most active Groups.

Drive Across America, “Supporting Unfunded Veterans Health Care”     

In early December, SMART was requested to provide administrative support for a project of Virginia Tech (VT) Alumni engaged in either motorsports and/or the automotive industries. Gordy Bryan, VT Alumni from Philadelphia, leads the project team and Bob Carullo, SMART Executive Director, will support as his deputy.   The project team will conduct a Drive Across America (DAA) to connect with the many VT Alumni across our nation engaged in and/or interested in motorsports and the automotive industries. The Drive will also be conducted as a charity fundraiser for Unfunded Veterans Health Care via the SMART VA Group. The VA Group will conduct surveys to select programs related to Unfunded Veterans Health Care. The VA Group will also support participation by Veterans Serving Organizations at each stop. Current planning has the DAA starting at the Wildwood NJ beachside site of their Vietnam Veterans Memorial (2nd largest replica of the DC Memorial in the US) and finishing in San Diego at the Hotel Del Coronado beachside (next to the Navy SEAL Training Base).

Gordy, a basketball star at Malvern Prep (Phila) and VT, was picked as a free agent for the Cleveland Cavaliers and played for them in Argentina for a year. He is currently retired from the Pennsylvania school system and is in on the VT Alumni Board and the VT Athletic. He has been working on this project for over a year and had made contact with several VT alumni with major automotive manufacturers. We are following up the potential major sponsors and also planning a mid-January visit to the VT President and Alumni Office.

Of further note here, several of our International Allies engaged in our very active International Group have requested collaboration with our VA Group’s “Best Practices”. We have already gotten e-mails expressing interest in our support to conduct similar International “Drives” that of course would benefit their Veterans. News on these will follow as they develop.


Congressional Delegation/Staff Updates 

            Our top issue for action is, of course, following up with the many new Members of our Congressional Delegation and of course especially important for SMART is following up with the new Committee assignments in both the Senate and the House. I’m very happy to report that SMART Caucus co-founder Steny Hoyer as most know, is now the Majority Leader of the House.

Terrance Taylor, Hoyer’s Dep District Director and our long-time lead SMART staffer and I are working towards a Friday luncheon for our Delegation’s staffers.


Further news on our many other SMART products of issues, event and projects will follow. We have many VA Group efforts in progress, they remain our most active Group followed immediately by our International Group. The STEM Education/Workforce Development continues to be our third top Group and of course, has positive impacts on all Groups. The HLS/Cyber Group and the Defense Groups were again major factors at the 16th annual SMART PROC and both look forward to follow up efforts. The Health Care spends much time and energy working towards legislation to mitigate the Opioid crisis and of course also promoting S&T that mitigates. The Agriculture / Food Tech Group has new projects in DE & MD and continues to expand in each state. Our Economic Development Group also supports the other Groups as needed. All other Groups continue to have some activity to merit our continued support.

Please contact Bob Carullo as needed at or 609-304-2904.

Dec 6, Hotel DuPont, Wilmington DE, World Trade Center Delaware’s 50th Anniversary Gala

The World Trade Center DE and SMART share multiple Board members who will be supporting the Gala, led by WTC DE President Carla Sydney Stone. The DE members of both Boards are Sam Waltz and Nick Callazzo; joined by George Kearns (PA).

For details on this significant and historic event see:

Nov 29 & 30, Frederick MD; 16th Annual “SMART PROV GovCon” Successes

Led by event chair and SMART Board member, Debbie Burrell, CEO Burrell international Group, the 16th Annual event was again a significant success with over 1,000 participants both crowded days. US Senator Benjamin Cardin led the keynote on Friday after MD Sec of Commerce delivered the Welcome.

We were honored with the presence of the Dairamont of Africa, his Majesty Chief Methuselah Bradley V.O. IV. The Dairamontcy of Africa includes the tribal boundaries of 14 Countries and 3 Principalities of West Africa. In this International role he is a member of the UN Infectious Diseases Committee and is facilitating our UN / Mid-Atlantic Forum at UN HQ in April 2019 and our pre-event with the White House & Congress in March. Nationally, he is the International Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus’ Veterans Braintrust. Regionally he is the International Chair of the  SMART Congressional Initiative. For PA he is the Legal Officer for the PA Legislative Black Caucus and locally he is a Philadelphia Lawyer.

On the UN and preliminary events with the White House and Congress,  these are partnership efforts with the Dairamontcy of African and the Congressional Black Caucus. Co-chairs are the Chief and SMART Board Chairman Philip Jaurigue, Chairman and CEO of Sabre Systems Inc.

For further updates on SMART PROC see:

– Final comments — Important note: the WH/UN gigs are not SMART stand-alone events; they are a partnership of:


— the Dairamontcy of Africa

— SMART Congressional Initiative

— Congressional Black Caucus


               — SMART is administratively leading the event details (me)


               — The Chief and Phil Jaurigue are co-chairs.


Nov 7, 2018; NYC NY: George Kearns, SMART Board Executive Committee Member for PA and the Chair of the very active SMART International Group, led the Curacao-Multi Commodities Centre (C-MCC) Development Group LLC officers at their NASDAQ welcoming in NYC on Wednesday, November 7, 2018. George, the Chairman of C-MCC Development Group Holdings LLC, was joined by Oltmann Siemens, Vice Chairman; Ian MacDonald, President, and Andrew Howlett.

SMART International Group

Capitol Hill Reception

July 18, 2018 – Washington D.C.

Executive Summary

US Senator Christopher Coons (D-DE) was the Honorary Co-Host of the SMART Congressional Initiative’s International Group Capitol Hill Reception as part of the World-Wide Celebrations of the Life & Legacy of Nelson Mandela on the 100th anniversary of his birth. The Senator was joined by multiple other Congressional Honorary Co-Hosts. Further, the Senator introduces a bi-partisan Resolution with 19 other Senators to recognize Mandela’s Life & Legacy. The SMART Reception was led by Arbitrade Ltd. Chairman & CEO Leonard Schutzman and Marston Webb CEO Victor Webb. Highlights were the keynotes by the Republic of South Africa Ambassador, H.E. Mninwa Johannes Mahlangu, and Arbitrade Chairman & CEO; the extensive exhibits of Arbitrade’s Nelson Mandela collection and finally the range and depth of the senior level participants. The event was videoed to provide source data for follow up activities that relate; see our Photos/Video menu tab for the highlights video.


US Senator Christopher Coons (D-DE), a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was the Honorary Co-Host of the SMART Congressional Initiative’s International Group Capitol Hill Reception as part of the World-Wide Celebrations of the Life & Legacy of Nelson Mandela on the 100th anniversary of his birth, July 18, 2018.  The reception was held in the Dirksen Room, Dirksen Senate Office Building. He was joined by Honorary Co-Hosts Senator Cardin (MD) and Representatives Robert Brady (PA-01), Dwight Evans (PA-02), Donald Norcross (NJ-01) and Bonnie Watson-Coleman (NJ-12).  Further; Senator Coons introduced a bipartisan Senate resolution, with 19 other Senators signing, honoring the life, accomplishments, and legacy of Nelson Mandela on the centenary of his birth. “Nelson Mandela had a transformative impact on South Africa and the world through his historic contributions to promoting human rights and justice for all,” said Senator Coons. “Madiba showed us that values such as forgiveness, respect, and tolerance are not just words, but actions we can all take.  I’m proud to introduce this resolution today to honor Nelson Mandela’s life and legacy, which transcends his time and place in history. On the 100th anniversary of his birth, we celebrate his leadership and commitment to fighting discrimination, poverty, and inequality. Let us rededicate ourselves to his vision for the world and work together to make it a reality.” For additional details see:

The Reception was led by Arbitrade Ltd. Chairman & CEO Leonard Schutzman and Marston Webb CEO Victor Webb and supported by SMART Executive Director Robert Carullo, and International Group Chair, George Kearns, Worldwide African Solutions and an extended event committee.

Phil Jaurigue, SMART Board Chairman, and Sabre Systems Chairman and CEO provided the opening welcome and comments from the Board. In reflection, he said, “It was an honor to give the welcoming remarks for the celebration of Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday. With Ambassadors of African nations and Members of Congress present, I could not help but reflect on Mandela’s influence on our own civil rights movement, inspiring leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. with his message of peace and unity. The occasion reminds us all of the work that there still is to accomplish in our own country and throughout the world.”

The Reception highlights were the keynotes of the Republic of South Africa Ambassador to the United States, H.E. Mninwa Johannes Mahlangu, and Arbitrade’s Chairman & CEO, Leonard Schutzman. Their remarks were augmented by extensive exhibits of Arbitrade’s Nelson Mandela artifact collection and a photo slideshow of the Nelson Mandela “Gold Hands”. Arbitrade’s community outreach program to promote the Life & Legacy of Nelson Mandela is led by their purchase of the Gold Hands. For further details please see

The event drew nine other African Ambassadors with senior Ministers and additional staff.

While the event was primarily for Members of Congress and our African Ambassadors, the complete range of the SMART Congressional Initiative was represented by these individuals:

  • The SMART Congressional Caucus founder, Congressman Curt Weldon (1987-2007) provided comments on the genesis of SMART and its’ applications today. Senator Coons’ staff hand-delivered a copy of the above resolution that actually being read on the Senate floor by the Senator during our opening comments. Also from Congress, the Congressional Black Caucus was represented by Congresswoman Barbara Lee (CA-13).
  • The Federal Executive Branch was represented from the podium by Mitchell Tyner, Deputy Chief Counsel, US Office of Advocacy.
  • Pennsylvania State Representative Vanessa Lowery Brown (District 190) was recognized for the State Government component of SMART.
  • NJ Morris County Deputy Freeholder Director Freeholder, Christine Myers attended. Note that she is also the US Office of Advocacy Region II Advocate.
  • Philadelphia City Judge James Lynn attended along with “Camden Is Rising” advocates Rob Mazzuca, Andrew Adams, and Derrick Davis. 
  • SMART Board was represented by:
    • Chairman, Phil Jaurigue
    • DE Sam Waltz & Carla Sydney-Stone
    • MD Debbie Burrell
    • PA George Kearns
    • Staff Bob Carullo, Pam Fillian, Jemimah Cheks & Kevin Carullo
  • The 15 SMART Groups were limited to below with collectively 45 participants led by:
      • International Group Chair George Kearns, CEO of Worldwide African Solutions
    • International Group Deputy Chair, Chief Methuselah Bradley IV, Dairamontcy of West Africa 
    • International Group’s Dep Chair Africa Kerry Moody, Pres, WAS.
    • Economic Development Group Chair Rob Mazzuca, COO GlobeHealer
    • STEM Education/Workforce Development Chair Tony Fowler, COO RWDC
  • Academia, Princeton University DC Legislative Associate Kimberly Nerres.
  • Major Businesses, TD Bank Derick Davis
  • Gov’t Labs/Field Agencies, US Office of Advocacy Region III Advocate and the Federal Executive Branch Liaison for SMART. Elmo Rinaldi and Region II Advocate, Christine Myers.
  • Professional Associations, World Trade Center Delaware, Carla Sydney-Stone and Delaware African-Caribbean Coalition, Dr. Eunice Gwanmesia.

In closing; given the World-Wide significance of this event, SMART contracted with the Fali Group, led by Jemimah Cheks, to document the event via video and still photos to produce digital media that will be the core of follow up SMART sessions and/or programs throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Further, Arbitrade and Marston Webb will also be conducting programs to promote the Life & Legacy of Nelson Mandela“Sharing with the World”. Arbitrade, Marston Webb, and SMART will coordinate as appropriate.

July 18, 2018 – US Senate Resolution DUN18187

See Senator Coons US Senate Resolution here.

July 2018 – SMART Website and IT Data Base, Update to “Sabre On Point”.

SMART has transitioned our website and IT backbone from our original 1999 Information Management System to “Sabre On Point” technology. Given the range and depth of SMART and the fact that since April 1999 we have produced multiple issue papers, conducted 307 major events and facilitated $625M in direct projects and $1.2+ indirect projects; this update will span the summer.

For any detailed questions or further information, please contact:

Executive Director Bob Carullo at or 609-304-2904.