SMART Initiative at a Glance

During the past eight years, SMART and its predecessors have succeeded in  attracting federal R&D funding for the regional technical community. Through its comprehensive and expert panel of Technology Cluster Groups, SMART can assist YOUR organization in developing opportunities to partner or collaborate with the technical community.

Integration of regional S & T initiatives including events projects and meetings involving:

  • SMART Congressional Caucus – 41 Representatives from DE, MD, NJ, & PA.
  • 8 Senators • 20 + Federal HQ Agencies (DC).
  • States’ Executive and Legislative Branches.
  • Collective Regional technology community facilitated by SMART, a 501(C)3 organization – Academia, Industry, Government Field Agencies/Labs and support organizations.

StatesSMART logo

The four states have signed an MOA that promotes the S & T vision for the region. They have held four Lt. Governors and Secretaries of Commerce meetings supporting SMART initiatives since December 2003.