What is our Mission?

Support research, development and technology-based opportunities for economic growth in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, & Pennsylvania.

SMART’s uniqueness is the range & depth to its affiliated groups and collaborative activities.

Please contact Bob Carullo with any inquiries at 609-304-2904 or [email protected]



2020 News

2020 SMARTPROC GOVCON Planning — Nov/Dec TBD 2020

Please stay tuned for news on our 19th Annual SMARTPROC GOVCON (Procurement Conf). We are currently planning a virtual event; details expected by early to mid October.

SMART Pandemic Rapid Reaction & Recovery Program

The Strengthening the Mid-Atlantic Region for Tomorrow (SMART) Congressional Initiative is working to combat the Worldwide Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19). We have formed a Joint Group Program, SMART Pandemic Rapid Reaction & Recovery (PR3), to address the immediate US and International requirements to mitigate this crisis and any other current or future crisis. Our Economic Development Group Chair, Robert Mazzuca, is leading this Program supported by all Groups but of course primarily: Health Care, International, HLS/Public Safety and Veterans.

SMART Background: SMART was created in 1999 by bipartisan Senators, Congressmen and the White House Office of S&T Policy; including VP Joe Biden (then US Senator) and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer. It is a formal, bi-partisan collaboration among U.S. Congressional Members (8 Senators & 39 Representatives of DE, MD, NJ & PA), Federal Executive Branch Leaders (White House and 56 Agencies), State and Local Officials, International Allies and the Mid-Atlantic Regional Technical and Economic Development Community leaders. The SMART Not For Profit Membership company Board of Directors and Group Chairs, composed of leaders from Academia, Business, Government Labs/Field Agencies and Professional Associations; provide the daily, grass-roots staffing for SMART.

The vision of the SMART Congressional Initiative is collaborative activities of the complete technical community addressing technical enterprise via issue papers, events and project execution. By the complete technical community we include R&D academia, businesses, government labs/field agencies and professional associations.

Highlights of our past 21 years are led by:

– Issues:

— Supreme Court Case victory as a co-plaintiff for Veteran Owned Business

— Chilean Mine Rescue; Provided the transportation solution that enable expedited delivery of the drill rigs in time to create the air hole

– Events:

— 328 major events, Keynotes by Congressional & Fed Exec Branch Leaders

— Selected by the Mandela Foundation to conduct the US component on Capitol Hill of the 100th Anniversary of Mandela’s Birth.

– Projects

— $625M in projects

— Two high dollar; $140M & $125M

SMART has executed the above activities with the highest standards of public and private ethics. The leadership of the Congressional component of SMART has twice requested an audit by Congressional Ethics of the full Initiative (all elements). Each audit (6+ months) returned zero findings. Finally, we conduct Winter and Summer SMART Capitol Hill Forums among the leadership of SMART to address our priorities and ensure continued compliance of current ethical and moral standards.

For further general information of SMART, please contact Robert Carullo, Executive Director, at [email protected] or cell 609-304-2904.

For further information of the details of our Pandemic Rapid Response & Recovery Program, contact Robert Mazzuca, Economic Development Group Chair, at [email protected] or cell 856-669-4382.



SMART Initiative at a Glance

Since the spring of 1999, SMART and its predecessors have succeeded in attracting federal R&D funding for the regional technical community. Through its comprehensive and expert panel of Technology Cluster Groups, SMART can assist YOUR organization in developing opportunities to partner or collaborate with the technical community.

Integration of regional S & T initiatives including events projects and meetings involving:

  • Bi-Partisan Congressional Delegation of DE, MD, NJ & PA; 8 Senators & 39 Representatives
  • Federal Agencies; 20 + DC HQs
  • States’ Executive and Legislative Branches
  • Collective regional technology community facilitated by SMART, a 501(C)3 organization – Academia, Industry, Government Field Agencies/Labs and Profession Associations

2019 SMART Board List

Executive Committee Affiliation Title
Phillip Jaurigue, Chair PA Sabre Systems Chairman & CEO
Samuel Waltz DE SamWaltz.com CEO & President
Deborah Burrell MD Burrell International Group CEO & President
Dr. John Lacontora NJ Mid-Atlantic Institute for Modeling & Analysis CEO
George Kearns PA Curacao-Multi Commodities Centre Chairman & CEO
Robert Carullo Sabre Systems Executive Director
Board Members (Includes Exec) Affiliation Title
Samuel Waltz DE SamWaltz.com CEO & President
Nicolas Callazzo DE New Castle County CoC VP Economic Development
Carla Sydney-Stone DE World Trade Center Delaware President
Deborah Burrell MD Burrell International Group CEO & President
Constantine “Jack” Pappas MD Pappas Associates International CEO
Francis Pierce MD Design Systems and Analysis CEO & President
Dr. John Lacontora NJ Mid-Atlantic Institute for Modeling & Analysis CEO
Dr. Donald Sebastian NJ New Jersey Institute of Technology VP for R&D
Phillip Jaurigue PA Sabre Systems CEO & President
George Kearns PA Curacao-Multi Commodities Centre Chairman & CEO
Eugene DelCoco PA The Blackfield Group President
William McLaughlin PA Irish-American Business Chamber & Network Founder & Chair Emeritus
Board Staff Affiliation Title
Robert Carullo NJ Sabre Systems Executive Director
Pamela Fillion NJ SMART Treasurer
Mark Oddo NJ SMART Counsel

Bio’s with POC’s are being compiled. Contact Robert Carullo as needed at [email protected] or 609-304-2904.

Group Chairs

To be added soon.