SMART Executive Director Report, May 31, 2017 Update:

SMART’s Best, Sustaining Success: SMART PROC, Annual SB Procurement Conference

Average Results of 15 Annual SMART PROCs since 2001:

Speakers and Exhibitors; 90 Speakers (Below) and 54 Exhibits

Total Participation; 514 (1st had 86; last 4 topped 750)

Speakers Attendees

Congressional Caucus 6 10

– Fed Executive Branch DC HQs 10 11

– International Allies 2 2

– State Government 2 4

– Local Gov’t 5 14

Academia 8 17

– Major Business 15 55

– SB 37 281

– Gov’t Labs / Field Agencies 20 71

– Professional Associations 10 49

90 514

  Top 4 Major Programs

Data Programs Summit, Fall 2017; IT/Commo and All Others (Joint Group Program):

– Data Programs Integration Summit #2; Jaurigue (PA), Kirk (MD) & Stanzione (NJ)

— #1 requested by Assist SecArmy for Acq, Logistics & Tech

— APG host, outside the gate at Cecil College

— AM Session on Data Programs; PM Session on Priority Applications

Advanced Manufacturing Tech:

– Top 2016 priority for Congressman Hoyer

– Mid-Atlantic Grant; Mike Galiazzo (MD) & William Marshall (NJ)

— May 10th, first major meeting in Baltimore

— DE, NJ & PA working sessions will follow summer 2017


– Curacao-MultiCommodity Center; Bob Carullo (NJ) & George Kearns (PA)

— Based upon successful Dubai model, with senior level team (from Dubai)

– European Union Grant, “Getting To Know Europe” two year seminar series; DC to NYC

– International Summit #2, Capitol Hill, DC; Sept 2017; #1 had 17 Embassies, expect ~25.

– Proposed stand-up of “Exchange Centers” for both Saudi Arabia and India.


– Government Acquisition Reform; Eugene DelCoco (PA) & Bob Carullo (NJ)

— USN CNO Office is engaged w/ multiple other DoD offices

— Challenging due to Trump Admin changes, but much DoD interest.

Active Groups Can Develop Into Major SMART Programs:

Health Care; Debbie Burrell (MD)

– SMART PROC 15 year successes and current Opioid issues

Agriculture/Food Tech; Kevin Doyle (PA)

– Current, local region Urban Ag programs in PA, MD & DC w/ active STEM components.

STEM Education/Workforce Development; Tony Fowler (MD) & Joan Michel (MD)

– Multiple, local region STEM programs and International, Real World Design Challenge

Veterans Affairs; Byron Roth (PA) & in each state Dep Chairs

– Most active Group, 16 Meetings. 5 Major; much collaboration with ESGR, States & VSOs

HLS/Cyber/Public Safety; R. Brzenchek (PA) & Debbie Burrell (MD)

– Much past activity; re-building Group w/ MD Cyber Triangle & US DHS S&T Directorate

Other Group/Committee Activities: Developing Programs:

Global Diversity & Inclusion; Dr Joi Spraggins (PA) & Steve Dawson (NJ)

Transportation/Infrastructure; Paul Labow (PA), Bart Muller (NJ) & MD DoT

Economic Development; Rob Mazzuca (NJ)

SMART Women In STEM; Kathy Brunner (PA), Debbie Burrell (MD) & Mandi Love (NJ)

Further info will be added as new efforts develop.

Please contact Bob Carullo to follow up any opportunities at or 609-304-2904.

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