International Allies

International Allies

SMART is very active with our International Allies in a variety of efforts from many aspects.

From the SMART Congressional Caucus we have had Chairs and Ranking Members of the Senate Foreign relations Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Many Caucus Members regularly travel overseas on formal Congressional Delegations. There is often academia and business participation or follow up. Beyond the Committees and constituent interests, there are many Congressional Caucuses with an International mission or impact.

Led by the Departments of State, Commerce and Defense; the Executive Branch DC Headquarters and field agencies in our region are also engaged in SMART. Our region has many regional Department of Commerce International field agencies to facilitate Imports and Exports. The Philadelphia International Visitors Council (a joint program of State & Commerce) has been designated as the best in the nation (of the 53). We also have a significant number of Department of Defense Foreign Military Sales agencies overseeing large Security Assistance programs and there are many International R&D programs among our Allies.

The four States each have International Offices which actively collaborate with the Federal agencies and the tech community.

In the tech community, many academic institutions have International studies, International students and visiting faculty and International R&D programs. From the business world, it is certainly a global economy. We are also active with the region’s five World Trade Centers.

SMART’s International Group collaborates with the above and also establishes specific International Programs, coordinating with the local Consulates and DC Embassies. These are led by the Italian-SMART Program which has a formal Memorandum of Agreement with the Italian Parliament. We are also working closely with Ireland, Greece, West Africa and Libya. We have started efforts with Brazil, Vietnam, India, China and Far East. There are also many individual efforts with academia, businesses and organizations in many other countries that could grow into a SMART International Program with those countries.

This is led by the global economy of the business world but also coordinated by the Federal Government (both Executive and Legislative Branches).