About Us


The SMART Congressional Initiative

The SMART Congressional initiative is the integration of regional Science & Technology activities
for case studies, projects and events among the SMART Congressional Delegation (8 Senators &
41 Representatives), Federal Executive Branch HQs, International Allies, the four State governments
(Executive & Legislative branches of DE, MD, NJ & PA) and the collective talents of the regional
tech community facilitated by SMART, a Not For Profit company. SMART executes the regional vision
of the above. SMART’s members includes the full range and depth of the technical and economic development
communities of Academia, Industry, Gov’t Labs/Field Agencies and Professional Associations.

Since 1999, SMART has facilitated $625M+ in projects, conducted 279 events and conducted multiple significant
case studies for Congress, the Federal Executive Branch, our International Allies and the States.

Delegation Co-Leaders

Senate – Robert Menendez (D-NJ)

House- Jon Runyan (R-NJ)

Major Delegation Actions

SMART Meetings

The Delegation has keynoted all major SMART meeting and several minor meetings. Delegation staffers support
many minor & working meetings.

SMART Projects

The Delegation has endorsed several key SMART projects.

SMART Caucus Re-establishment.

The Delegation leaders are working towards the administrative re-establishment of the SMART Caucus.