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SMART News Update

Below will be updated soon --- See Events tab for a 2016 summary of our events. 

Please note that there are many other ongoing and/or planned activities by our officers (Board and Group Chairs/Dep Chairs) and key members. We of course continue to coordinate with the SMART initiative leaders from Congress, Federal Exec Branch DC HQs, International Allies and State/Local Government and the major businesses.  

Below are highlights and scroll to the bottom for our New Members Welcome; contact Bob Carullo (below) for further info on these and other opportunities.

Bi-Partisan SMART Congressional Initiative 2017 Transition Planning Support  

Inputs to the DNC, RNC and Obama Administration Platforms & Transition Planning

June 25, 2016 Update

The bi-partisan SMART Congressional initiative for tech enterprise and STEM education/workforce development will be supporting the 2017 Transition Planning. The SMART NFP company officers and membership are working with the Democratic and Republican leaders of SMART and the Obama Administration to provide bi-partisan, grass-roots tech community inputs to the conventions, platforms and transition planning.

For the DNC; the SMART Congressional initiative leader, Congressman Steny Hoyer, has requested a SMART Tech Review as an agenda topic. It has been scheduled for Tuesday July 26th from 2:00pm-4:00pm at the Pennsylvania Convention Center (Set up time is at 1:00pm). We will conduct a networking reception with brief comments on tech priorities from the SMART Congressional delegation and State Delegates/Leaders. These comments will facilitate networking among the bi-partisan tech exhibits of the SMART NFP membership company which staffs the Congressional initiative. 

For the RNC, we have reached out to the Republican Congressional and State leaders to determine a plan for the RNC and inputs to the platform and Transition Planning. Staffers are considering options; details will be provided when finalized. At a minimum, the bi-partisan data prepared for the DNC will be forwarded.

Planning for the above is a major topic of SMART’s annual strategic review process that is currently ongoing. Reviews in each state by the leaders of SMART are followed by a Capitol Hill Forum (Sept/Oct TBD). These annual Forums are working sessions among the SMART leadership of Congress/staff, Federal Executive DC HQs, States’ Government, Major Business Executive Committee and the Board. 

We look forward to a great event that will kick off our bi-partisan 2017 Transition Planning.

SMART PROC ’16 Debbie Burrell, event chair, is working with local Frederick leaders and our typical Fed Labs/Field Agencies to finalize our agenda for the 15th annual event on Nov 18, 2016. Stay tuned and visit  

SMART Agriculture/Food Tech Group SMART Board Member Kevin Doyle is following up the PA successes of his Urban Farming program by planned expansion into Camden NJ. This program will continue expanding into the Mid-Atlantic.

SMART Education/Workforce Development Group remains a top priority and many other SMART efforts are integrated with Educ/WF components. Tony Fowler, our Group Chair and Executive Director, Bob Carullo, work closely on this with several very good Dep Chairs from the states with good coordination with Congress & multiple Fed Exec DC HQs.  

June 22nd  & Sept 22nd " Getting To Know Europe” Partnered with NJIT and the European American CoC, NJ; we had a successful visit to DC on June 22nd as the mid-point of our 2-year series; we visited 3 Senate and 7 House offices. We are certainly now challenged with the EU news, but plowing ahead with the grant and conducting our next session in Princeton on Sept 22nd at the Nassau Club. 

Veterans Affairs Group continues much activity led by Byron Roth and many regular participants and other VSOs. The VA Group is so active that it will have 2 of our 15 tables at the DNC. Stop by. updates will follow.

Economic Development has a new very dynamic chair, Robb Mazzucca of Green Labs Financial. Robb and Bob Carullo are planning a significant Delaware Valley event in Sept/Oct to support SMART PROC participation by that community and to focus local requirements.   

Again, SMART has multiple other projects in the pipeline, led by several efforts with Drones. Our top effort here is with new SMART member Icarus Aerospace on Drone Training/Education for our Public Safety Community (including International Allies).

Further info will be added as new efforts develop.

Please contact Bob Carullo to follow up any opportunities at or 609-304-2904.

New Member Welcome:

All Source International Security LLC (ASIS LLC) provides robust all-encompassing education, facilitation, and integration assistance in law enforcement, energy, security, and risk management programs in the public and private sector. ASIS LLC offers training for law enforcement, security, emergency preparedness, response, recovery, continuity, integrated security management, and community resiliency. ASIS LLC provides assistance in risk and security assessments, conducts advanced investigations, leads planning and practical exercises for public and private organizations. ASIS LLC offers management consulting focused on assuring compliance with law, meeting international standards, as well as education in public policy, best practices, and application of appropriate technologies cradle to grave. For further information contact Robert Brzenchek (CEO) by phone: (215) 760-3424 or email:  Please visit the website for further information:

SMART Advantage

The SMART Congressional initiative is the integration of regional Science & Technology activities for issues, events & projects among the SMART Congressional Delegation (8 Senators and 39 Representatives of DE, MD, NJ & PA), the Federal Executive Branch DC HQs, our International Allies, the four State governments (Executive & Legislative branches) and the regional technical, economic development and education/workforce development communities. The SMART Not For Profit membership company was formed to execute the vision of this initiative. SMART membership is composed of academia, businesses, government labs/field agencies and professional associations. The SMART membership will continue to execute the daily actions of SMART via 15 focus groups. SMART is a national model for regional actions; SMART has members and participation from across the nation. Further, SMART is extremely active with our International Allies.

Since 1999, SMART has conducted 292 significant events, addressed numerous case studies and facilitated $624M in direct SMART projects and $1.2B in indirect projects. Contact Executive Director Robert Carullo at or 609-304-2904. 


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