8 Senators and 39 Representatives of DE, MD, NJ & PA

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Since 1999, SMART has facilitated $625M+ in projects

conducted 279 events and conducted multiple significant case studies for Congress, the Federal Executive Branch, our International Allies and the States.



Congressional Delegation

The SMART NFP membership company of the regional, grass-roots technical community provides news and information on collaborative S&T initiatives to the Delegation, the 8 Senators and 39 Representatives from DE, MD, NJ & PA. The Delegation and SMART have an established rapport with the key federal funding HQ agencies. The federal agencies identify federal requirements, provide keynotes for our events, appropriate collaboration on case studies and funding support for projects in accordance with federal guidelines and public laws.


  • Increase our global competeitiveness by developing and increasing inter-state, cross disciplinary collaboration among the Mid-Atlantic technical and economic development communities.
  • Foster and integrate the collaboration fully among academia, industry, government labs/field agencies and professional associations.
  • Promote existing and seek new Mid-Atlantic Science & Technology enterprise and leadership for national and international requirements.
  • Enhance technical education and workforce development.


The SMART Congressional initiative is the integration of regional Science & Technology activities for issues, events & projects among the SMART Congressional Delegation (8 Senators and 39 Representatives of DE, MD, NJ & PA), the Federal Executive Branch DC HQs, our International Allies, the four State governments (Executive & Legislative branches) and the regional technical, economic development and education/workforce development communities. The SMART Not For Profit membership company was formed to execute the vision of this initiative. SMART membership is composed of academia, businesses, government labs/field agencies and professional associations. The SMART membership will continue to execute the daily actions of SMART via 15 focus groups. SMART is a national model for regional actions; SMART has members and participation from across the nation. Further, SMART is extremely active with our International Allies.

Since 1999, SMART has conducted 292 significant events, addressed numerous case studies and facilitated $624M in direct SMART projects and $1.2B in indirect projects. Contact Executive Director Robert Carullo at bcarullo@smartstates.com or 609-304-2904.


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